Catholics for RH Speak Out! Movement Statement

The Meaning of the Purple Ribbon Symbol for the Catholics for RH Speak Out! Movement

The Purple Ribbon symbol used by the Catholics for RH Speak Out! Movement was conceptualized to help promote the movement.

Purple is a color associated with many causes. Around the world, purple has been used as a color to raise awareness for causes like cancer, violence against women, Alzheimer's disease, and many more. Here in the Philippines, purple has been used to symbolize women's rights and reproductive health. Ironically, it is also a religious color. In fact, it is a color used to represent religious tolerance. This is the reason why we decided on purple as the color to use for the Catholics for RH Speak Out! Movement.

The primary concern of the Movement at present is to call on Catholics to show their support for the passage of Reproductive Health Bill. So if you are a Catholic and you support the right to have access to all kinds of family planning services that is best for your health and your circumstance, then you must express it.

We enjoin Catholics who support reproductive health and rights not to be afraid to speak out. The following might help you show your support:

  • Sign the signature campaign supporting the passage of RH Bill
  • Be a part of the Catholics for RH Speak Out! Movementt. Send your signed pledge of commitment and support to the Catholics for RH Speak Out! Movement Secretariat: Leaders for Empowerment, Advocacy, & Development Network (LEADNet), Unit 603, Future Point Plaza 1, Panay Avenue, Quezon City.
  • Use the color purple to show your support for the rights of people to reproductive health. You may:
    • Tie purple ribbons in your car or vehicle.
    • Wear purple clothes and be reminded of your Catholic faith.
    • Wear a purple ribbon pin and wrist bands.
    • Hang small purple flags in your house or window.
    • Wear purple colored accessories like a bandana, bracelets, earrings, bangles and the like and be reminded that our protest is for the right to reproductive health and not against being Catholic.

Wear and use the color purple to remind us that our God wants us to be faithful and good Catholics. God wants us to use one of God’s greatest gift to us, the gift of freewill. The gift to discern right from wrong guided by our own faith and love for God, and be responsible in the exercise of this freewill as dictated by our Catholic teachings of equity, social justice, love, and compassion.

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